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Dandora MCA Blames Government for not Providing PPEs to Dumpsite workers as  COVID-19 is reported in the area


After 5 individuals were confirmed to have contracted the novel COVID-19 in Dandora phase 4, the area MCA Francis Otieno Ngesa now wants the ministry of health to embark on a thorough fumigation of the area.

The MCA is also calling on the government to provide protective kits to all those working at the dumpsite in a bid to curb further spread of the pandemic in the area.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Ngesa pointed out that those working at the site do not have enough protective gears despite addressing the matter with Nairobi county government.

“We have our own people working at the dumpsite where they also handle used masks …this is putting Dandora at the risk of this deadly disease ,we need protective equipment and thorough fumigation of this place.” He said.

Ngesa also blamed the cases of COVID-19 in the area on the waste from  JKIA.

According the MCA, the waste from JKIA is dumped at the Dandora dumpsite and all those who work at the dumpsite end up handling it without proper equipment

“Most people who work in the dumpster have contact with people in the community, if the are is not fumigated and the workers given proper equipment, there will be a crisis of the Pandemic in the area. The county should hurry the fumigation process in the area to avoid such a crisis.

In a previous interview with Ghetto Radio, the MCA had asked the county to provide the dumpsite workers with PPEs to avert the disease from the area.

‘‘This matter is a serious matter, most of these people we live with them in Dandora suppose one of them contracts that disease …we are finished and that’s  why I am asking both the National and County Government of Nairobi to move with speed and provide these protective gears.’’ He said at the time.

The ministry of health announed on Friday that five out of the 16 new cases of COVID-19 in the country came out of Dandora area.