In Summary

  • Darasa and Zuchu go crazy on ‘Romeo’.
  • It’s a love song themed song.
  • This is the first time Zuchu and Darasa have collaborated in a song.

Darasa and Zuchu have all gone crazy in a song dubbed ‘Romeo’ which is already causing ripples in the entertainment industry.

Love-themed Song

As the title suggests, the song ‘Romeo’ is an all love-themed song as the two artistes go into each other.

Starting the song off is none other than Zuchu’s sweet voice followed by Darasa coming at intervals at the introduction.

Darasa follows through in the first verse with his signature laid back demeanor with romantically-laced lyrics.

He further deploys wordplay while rhyming creating the musicality.

“Eeh hisia bana ukilazimisha unaweza kuingia mlangoni ukatokea kwenye dirisha, nikisema nakupenda namaanisha mapenzi sio nguo bidhaa ya kujaribisha” he raps partly.

Darasa stands on business affirming his love for Zuchu as the song proceeds.

As the first verse dies out, Zuchu emerges at the chorus with her sentimental voice adding life to the soothing instrumentation.

The Sukari hitmaker is on point with her sensual lyrics urging her man to walk her down the isle and stop wasting time.

“Romeo please make me your Juliet, Tufanye iwe easy tusicomplicate” she sings partly.

While still at the chorus, she charges forward noting that she’s for keeps with true love being her driving force.

Switching her singing while infusing repetition, Zuchu continues to dazzle.

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There are also intervals at which Darasa nods to Zuchu’s ‘pure love’ lines further creating both the harmony and musicality.

“I appreciate your love baby” roars Darasa partly.

Their unmatched chemistry is evident going deeper into the song.

The Hasara Roho rapper holds the last verse with Zuchu crowning it up with the chorus as they fade away.



Fans Reactions

This is the first time Darasa has collaborated with Zuchu on a song and already fans can’t get enough of them.

Many have since opined that the song is a straight hit song.

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We sampled a few of the comments below.

“Zuchu anaimba vizuri hadi mwili unasisimka”

“Darasa hajawahi kukosea ila kwa hii ngoma imezidi utamu ametulia kaimba kiutu uzima ngoma romantic”



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