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Dates for Kothbiro Play Offs Released

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2016 Kothbiro Tournament

Fixtures for the Annual Kothbiro Football Tournament play offs has been released with Silva Contractors and Mchezo Halisi, Wazee Pembe and Avengers,Mbotela Kamaliza and Pelico,Pumwani all Stars and Victoria FC to face off on day one.

The kick off will be November 10 commencing to  November 14 the play offs will see 40 teams contest for the remaining eight slots of the upcoming tourney.

According to the tournament organizing committee Chairman Stephen Ogos 63 teams had applied for the slots of Kothbiro which is described as an over subscription as there are only 32 slots available.

Ogos said “We have organized for the knock outs to allow for  fair selection in the selection of the teams to play for the tournament.”

Already 26 teams had been selected.

“Priority was given to the teams that completed their matches in the last season’s fictures”.

Thursday 10th:
9.00am     Silva contractors vs Mchezo Halisi,
11.00 am   Wazee pembe vs Avengers,
2.00pm     Mbotela Kamaliza vs Pelico
4.00 pm    Pumwani all stars Fc vs Victoria Fc.

Friday 11th:
9.00am     Sharp Boys vs MacMillan Fc,
11.00am    Campton Fc vs Rongai Fc,
1.00pm     Hakati Sportif Fc vs Pangani Fc,
3.00pm     Y. Mazedi Fc vs Park Road Fc.

Saturday12th  :
9.00am     Kiambiu Youth vs Cheza Ukipenda,
11.00am    Young Achievers Fc vs R O G Sacco Fc,

1.00pm     Chanting Fc vs Madiwa Fc,
3.00pm     Cinema Fc vs Country Bus Fc.

Sunday 13th:
9.00am     Land Mawe Fc vs Jersder Fc,
11.00am    Calif united Fc vs F I F a best Fc,
1.00pm     Zimmerman Youth Fc vs VAP Fc,
3.00 pm    Beirut Fc vs Biafra fc.

Monday 14th:
9.00am     Kakakuona Fc vs Garage Fc,
11.00am    Michigan Fc vs Sakayonsa Fc,
1.00 pm    Shauri Moyo Fc vs Kawangware Fc,

3.00pm     Eastleigh Youth Fc vs Makongeni Youth Fc.

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