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David Major sends message to Kenyans as he heads to Rahab

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Former TPF star David Major has spoken for the first time since he was rescued from the streets a few days back.

In a post shared by Alvan Gatitu, David was discharged from hospital on Thursday and taken to hospital.

Alvan also revealed that Kenyans raised a total of 170K for David’s treatment and so far 126k was used for the hospital and the rest will be used for his rehab.

“David is out of hospital and off to rehab.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to actually crack jokes with him.

Totally out of the clouds and having hearty convos and truly connecting.

The mchanga you guys helped me raise for him came to a total of 170k

126k was used this morning to pay for the hospital bill the balance has been used to pay part of the rehab bill.

David’s own personal message of gratitude to you all.

Thank you for everyone who chipped in to help the fundraiser.” Alvan said

David also shared a message thanking Kenyans for standing by him and promising to beat the addiction.

“I’m here with my very very close friends who have been my support system. Without you, I wouldn’t be looking like a decent human being as I do now. They are taking me to the next phase of this journey. I’ve left the hospital and I’m now headed to a rehab center and it looks amazing. Thanks for having my back, thank you for thinking about me and for all your prayers, that is how we will all get through this. It has been a tough year but y ‘all came through and I love you guys,” David said.

Former TPF star Alvan Gatitu rushed to David’s rescue after photos of him living on the streets started making rounds online.

Alvan got David admitted to the hospital where he was being treated until his discharge on Thursday.



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