• Nigerian Afrobeats star Davido has explained why he follows Dennis Ombachi alias ‘The Roaming Chef’.
  • In an interview with TikTok Nigeria, Davido was asked to name some of his favourite content.
  • Davido mentioned that he enjoys content on food saying that he is a fan of ‘The Roaming Chef’.

Nigerian superstar Davido has recognized former Kenya 7s rugby player Dennis Ombachi for his food content.

In an interview with TikTok Nigeria, the Afrobeats star was asked his preference of content and he named food as one of them while mentioning that he is a fan of the now self-taught chef who goes by the name ‘The Roaming Chef’ on the social media platform.

The singer reveals that he follows Ombachi because of his wife’s love for cooking adding that he enjoys the food content on Ombachi’s page.

“What’s on Davido’s FYP (For You Page)?” he was asked to which he responds saying, “Mostly food, you know my wife’s a cook and she does cooking videos. That’s why I told you I follow The Roaming Chef.” He says.

Ombachi who has been delighted by the special shoutout from Davido has reposted the video on his social media platforms while expressing his interest in collaborating with the singer in the future.

“Thanks for the shoutout, Davido, we should throw down someday,” Ombachi said.

The Roaming Chef’s fans have come out in numbers to congratulate him saying the recognition is a result of him following his passion and dreams adding that he equally deserves it.

Dennis Ombachi receives TikTok Award

Ombachi’s innovative cooking techniques and presentation skills, have earned him a significant following across Africa and beyond.

In January 2023, Ombachi was crowned the best TikTok content creator at the TikTok Top Creators Awards held in Nairobi.

Ombachi described the award as special given it is in a field he is new to.

“Humbled to have been named Africa’s @tiktok #TopCreator2022 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the unconditional love and support you’ve always shown.” He wrote in a post then.

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