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  • Davido turned down a food and water gesture during Mohbad’s memorial.
  • Mohbad’s mysterious death seemed to have sent shivers down Davido’s spine.
  • Mohbad’s body was exhumed pending autopsy results.

Nigerian Afro beat star Davido recently turned down a water and food offer during a memorial for late singer, Mohbad.

In video’s doing rounds on social media, Davido is captured being offered water while on stage and he declines it.

In another video, the Unavailable singer is seen arriving late for a luncheon with other artists already eating.

Davido is then offered a plateful of dish before he declines it once again.

He then proceeds to serve his plate from the main bowl.

Davido’s wariness had began from the procession when he was also captured refusing a “hat offer”.

While walking in the middle of the pregnant procession, a hand appears from behind and crowns Davido’s head with a hat.

Like lightning Davido ejects the hat from his head.

However, after confirming that it was from his ally, he agrees to don it.

The gesture was to shield the star from the scotching sun.

The late Mohbad and a fan carrying his portrait PHOTO Courtesy

Mohbad’s Mysterious Death

The mysterious death of promising singer, Mohbad seems to have sent shivers down Davido’s spine.

From witchcraft and sorcery the death of Mohbad has continued to attract speculation after the other.

In a move never seen before, Nigerians have united in knowing the truth behind Mohbad’s untimely demise.

His former record label, Marlian Records owned by Naira Marley is being accused of his death.

Mohbad’s Body Exhumed Pending Results

The body of Mohbad was exhumed and the police are burning the midnight oil to unravel what really transpired.

Already in custody is a nurse who is said to have administered an injection to the late singer.


September 26, 2023

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