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DCI Reveals Identities Of ‘Mchele’ Women Syndicate

Detectives have revealed the identities of the women used by the slain criminal Samuel Mugoh Muvota to steal from men in bars and high end joints.

Two of the 12 ladies whose photos have been shared by the DCI have been identified as Florence Wanjiru and Victoria Wanjiku who both reside in Ruai.

According to the DCI, the ladies are experts in spiking drinks before stealing from their clients.

“The babes who are experts in stupefying revelers at popular drinking spots mainly target middle aged to older men whom they suspect to have fat bank accounts. Going by the brands of the drinks one has ordered to how one is dressed, they can easily pick out a Mubaba with a good bank balance, from a crowd of revelers,” said the DCI in a statement.

Some of the ladies had been arrested before but had been bailed out by Muvota.

Detyectives have in the meantime launched a manhunt on some of the women who have reportedly fled the city after the killing of Muvota.

“With Muvota gone after the bitter fallout with his second in command who is currently at large, the Pishori empire has been left without a leader. Most of the women have left the city in droves to their rural areas, from where they are monitoring how things unfold.  They better get used to life in the village because it will not be business as usual in the city.”

The DCI has in the meantime asked bar owners to lookout for suspicious women, out to spike drinks in entertainment spots and report to authorities immediately.