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Dead woman’s body refuses to go to her marital home for burial


The burial of a woman in Luanda, Vihiga County has been suspended after mourners stated that the deceased had refused to be buried at her marital home.

This is after the vehicle that was transporting the body of the woman experienced mechanical challenges.

Residents stated that the woman had caused the vehicle to stall in defiance of being buried at her husband’s home.

The man reportedly frustrated the woman and eventually sent her away from her matrimonial home.

“They should at least try and change the position of the body and make it face the opposite direction. If they do this, then maybe the woman agree to go home,” said a resident.

Others however caustioned against ferrying the body home in another vehicle saying it might cause an accident.

“But if they insist on ferrying the woman on another vehicle, they might even get an accident,” said another accident.

other residents however advised that the mourners get some elders from the home to talk to the body at the mortuary in a bid to woo it in order to get it to accept to be buried at its marital home.