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DeadBeat Single Mothers


custodyOf stone throwers and cyber bullies who might see fodder in this topic, take several seats and bite on some lemon peels,I shall have my say. There is a sorry wave that seems to be sweeping the young mothers of our day, a fever of playing victim and it’s not only annoying but a tired narrative. Skirt up and mother your children quietly. What am I ranting about?

A famous journalist was recently exposed on a National paper for absconding his fatherly duties the lady claiming that the father of her sickly daughter had done nothing to support them. while I do not condone men jumping ship after pregnancy happens, I also find it in bad taste for the lady to pull hair in public at how their life is shit because their baby daddy is MIA. Who sprayed this defeated attitude On women / single parents and died?

Both the man and the woman should get over themselves and realise that it stopped being about them the moment their little escapades became fruitful. As you tantrum online or wherever how an idiot your then partner in crime is, who is taking care of your child? Being a single mother is not a catastrophe and just so you know whether or not the baby daddy is present , your role at being a mother is not exempted. As you rant to the online masses (most of whom  don’t give a foot by the way) you expose your child’s identity to conversations that they should be protected from. If these people know you, then they know your child and if they have children then they are most probably his/her peers. The internet never forgets, just because you could not take being jilted with a pinch of salt and move on, you now drag an innocent soul/s into your sorry heartbreak series.


Women who are married will tell you that those challenges you want to form a Whatsapp ‘single mothers’ group to discuss, they too face and sometimes more since they also have to deal with their nagging big baby (the husband).

This victim mentality girls are embracing of wanting to eat the cookie and not gain weight should not be tolerated. Dead beat is you crying foul over a baby who is supposed to be a blessing. DNA cannot be changed so don’t pull the child into your ugly messes. The child might choose to love and honor their father as dead beat as they are and you cannot do anything about it.  Sauti sol said it ‘ Mungu akileta mtoto analeta sahani yake(or how we chose to hear it). So shut up and be a mother already. Fate will deal with the foolish sperm donor at it’s time. Karma aint called B**** for nothing.