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Dear President Uhuru Kenyatta, recognize Dancers!

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Does the Kenyan government appreciate youth career diversity?’ Kenyan Union of Break dancers wonder.

In 2020, the break dancers received an invitation to China to represent Kenya. Visas, accommodation, air fare and all other logistics were confirmed by the host nation. All they needed was a Kenyan government letter recognizing them that indeed they had blessings from home. That was never to come forcing them to abandon the trip. They are now challenging the President to give them full support on their journey to represent Kenya at the France 2024 Olympics.

Kenyans Break dancing to Olympics 2024

The break dancers never gave up and are now on the road to represent Kenya at the 2024 Olympic to be held in Paris, France. Locally the groups will organize themselves to arrive at the best 16 who will travel to France. Break dancing involves quite some risky moves such as head or back spins crazy footwork that would twist you plus a lot of energy.

Kenya Breakers Union has 150 dancers in total with some of the notable groups being Sisco, Slum Dance Africa from Kibra, Mviringo Breaking Academy from Kangemi and King of The streets from Majengo. First there will be one event for all the dancers that paves way for a pre-qualifier and ultimately a qualifier that will identify the best 16 breakers in Kenya. 

Break dancing is normally associated with Hip-hop music with its history emerging from the Bronx in New York. In the US, break dancing helped reduce gun violence. Gangs took up street break dancing and passionately competed instead of fighting. This competitive dance culture has now evolved into a sport and will for the first time feature in the 2024 Olympics to be held in France.

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True Ghetto Story

From Left; Kare, Vic, Mzushi and Onkwana (bottom) at Ghetto Radio. Photo by MajiMaji

‘The journey has not been easy’, B-Boy Vic the spokesperson of Kenya Breakers union narrated how he started dancing in Kibra 13 years ago. Traumatized by the 2007 post elections violence, break dancing became his only way of conquering stress.

Going through the tough challenging break dance routines filled him with new exciting thoughts of becoming the best b-boy in Kenya. ‘Break dancing became therapeutic to me’, says B-boy vic. Through YouTube, he learned the tricks and moves.

He soon mastered the moves and took on the Kibra streets. Unfortunately he was mistaken for a drug peddler and got arrested severally by the area chief. However, he was later understood and used to communicate peaceful coexistence in Kibra.

Onkwani of Mviringo Breaking Academy has more than 10 years’ experience. Through the art, he mentors young girls in Kisii who are victims of sexual violence. He coaches Ghetto kids from Kangemi where the academy is registered and situated as a CBO. They hold Mviringo Dance Festival annually where they make some money to fund their activities. One of the beneficiaries is Agnes Wangare also known as B-Girl Kare. She is a journalism student in Riara University and in only 10 months has become one of the best female break dancers in Kenya.  

Mzushi Africa representing King of The Street from Majengo in Nairobi is making impact in the community by making breaking popular for better upbringing. He says breaking according to research is good for the mind and holistic upbringing of the child. They also teach kids confidence to express themselves without prejudice.

Well, break dancing is now an Olympic sport!

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Story by MajiMaji


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