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  • Atleast 5 deaths and over 300 have been reported in Azimio demos day one.
  • In a statement to Newsroom Azimio leader Raila Odinga termed the brutality by the police as uncalled for and unwarranted.

As Azimio la Umoja marks Maandamano day one, at least 5 have been reported dead, over 30 hospitalized and more that 300 arrested. The13 people hospitalized were nursing gunshots injuries including a ten-year-old boy who was shot on the leg Mashimoni area in Kibra. Two were confirmed dead in Migori, one person Nakuru and another two in Makueni County.

Police Brutality

The police have been blamed for the deaths and injuries inflicted on the demonstrators. The men in uniform have been accused of using excessive force to kill and even to repulse the demonstrators.

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“We have seen with our own eyes police using live bullets on demonstrators and to make it worse they shot a ten year old boy in Mashimoni area Kibra who was not part of the protests. What does it show? Police have failed to uphold the rule of law and are out there to use whatever force on demonstrators which is against Article 37 which gives us right to picket. It is something that should be dealt with squarely and the officers involved in these deaths and body-harm to take personal responsibility.” David Bolo human rights crusader said.

“Manze sio poa Kila makarau wanafanya imagine kushoot wasee na live bullets na sisi hatuko armed hapa Mabatini wamepiga boy wetu kichwa mpaka alikua anableed vibaya ni vile tulikam tukamshughulikia.” Mathare resident.

Azimio Condems Brutality

In a statement to Newsroom Azimio leader Raila Odinga termed the brutality by the police as uncalled for and unwarranted.

“This illegitimate regime is targeting innocent children; using live bullets. Totally unwarranted, unjustifiable, and uncalled for. This happened in Mashimoni-Kibra today,” he said.

The Government Defense

According to Interior cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki they have arrested 300 protesters who engaged in violence and damage of properties.

‘‘The government commends the exemplary work of law enforcement agencies who remained on duty long hours in order to ensure that criminals do not disrupt public order. Kindiki had warned and dared those who doubted the government’s stand against protests to take to the streets on Wednesday. Those who doubt government resolve to prevent further loss of life, injury, destruction of private and public property and degeneration of the country into anarchy have a date with the law enforcement agencies tomorrow, Thursday, Friday or any other day,” he said. 

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