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Dedan Kimathi’s Burial Place Found


dedan kimathiChief Justice Willy Mutunga has today handed over the trial file for the freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi  to the Mau Mau Veterans at Freedom Corner in Nairobi.

Mutunga says the file indicates the late freedom figher was murdered and buried at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, time and the doctor’s name who made sure he was dead.

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Mutunga has urged the government to exhume the 11 graves at Kamiti maximum Security prision  so that they can identify Kimathi’s remains as requested  by Kimathi’s family.

He added that the trial file will be available for the public in courts.

The late Mau Mau freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi  was arrested in 1956  sentenced to death  by Chief Justice Sir Kenneth O’Connor and hanged on 18 February 1957.