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Defunct Nairobi County Council  Nurses Go On Strike, Citing Discrimination By The Government


Defunct  Nairobi city council  nurses on Monday went on a strike citing discrimination in issuance of allowances by the employer.

According to the nurses, their colleagues that came from the national government are being given huge allowances and higher job groups despite all of them performing the same duties with the same skills.

They camped at City hall where they sang solidarity songs to push City hall and NMS bosses to swing into action and harmonize the same.

Nairobi City County Government  Workers Union secretary general Boniface Waweru says the nurses shall be parading in City hall  until their demands are met.

‘‘This is totally unfair every nurse here is fighting Covid 19,why give  1000 shillings to  the defunct county council  nurses as you pay those from national government 3800 shillings ..we shall not allow this to continue we want equal treatment of all employees.’’ Waweru said.

They also demand harmonization of health service allowance with equal promotions.

‘‘The government issued money for Covid allowance up to date we have not received any single cash  as our colleagues enjoy hefty allowance, this discrimination must stop,’’ a nurse told Ghetto Radio News.

Meanwhile our efforts to reach the county chief officer  Nairobi Metropolitan Services Dr. Ouma Oluga over the same were futile as our phones calls went unanswered.