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A hydrology and water resources management graduate has taken a hunger strike to parliament building to protect what she terms as discrimination in job distribution in public sector.

Godfrey Ombachi told Ghetto Radio that 10 years since he graduated from Maseno University, his efforts in job hunt have been futile.

“I have come to parliament  building  today to protest discrimination  in the  country, I graduated  with degree in Hydrology and water  resources  management from Maseno University but 10 years  since  I graduated  I have never landed  a job,” said Ombachi.

According  to Ombachi, taking the strike  to parliament building  that hosts lawmakers was timely  since the drastic  climate  change  experienced in the country  can only  be addressed  by experts.

“We can all witness, the climate change in the country and the only way forward to address climate changes is involving experts like myself,” he stated.

A Solo Hunger Strike

He further  told Ghetto Radio  that he would  stand at the entrance  of the parliament   to seek audience  with nation’s  law making  body  or just  present  his former  petition  touching on climate change to the parliament  to for consideration.

“This is the law making body, so believe if they can make right laws that would protect the water resources, then the economy can grow,”Ombachi told Ghetto Radio.

Why Not Experts?

He also accused the government of sidelining experts who handle matters that affect human lives such as climate and weather change.

“I’ve seen government pushing hard for doctors and teachers but I have never seen experts considered for jobs…is it that not discrimination? he posed?

Son Of Tea Picker

He insisted  that he would  not take any food till he get a job to pay for h8s father’s  medication who toiled  pay for his education  while serving  as tea picker at Kericho  tea farms and now in bed, terminally  ill.

“I cannot sit to see my father who spent all his money taking me to school now sick, he was serving as tea picker in Kericho.”He added.

By Rodgers Oduor


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