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  • Mahesh Kumar and Anita Bhati did not take plea.
  • Lawyer representing Munir apprehensive of potential termination of justice

The advocate representing the family claiming the ownership of disputed Lavington land has expressed dissatisfaction after the alleged land grabbers fail to take plea at Milimani today.

The lawyer, Moses Mabeya, addressing the journalists before Milimani law, says there was a conconcurrence between the DCI and the DPP that Mahesh Kumar Bhati and Anita Bhati were to be charged today.

He claims that despite alleged land grabbers arraigned for the plea taking but did not take plea after they were whisked away by unidentified persons.

Lawyer Mabeya says they are apprehensive that someone influential has interfered with the course of justice that prompted delayed pea taking.

“We want to know why they are getting special treatment, what is so special in them other than those who took plea today, who is pulling the strings?.” Lawyer Mabeya posed.

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‘The dead sued’

They lawyer alleged that despite Mahesh Kumar attending the burial of Malkiat Sigh, he went ahead and sued the deceased.

“Mahesh had even attended the funeral of Malkiat Singh but went ahead to sue the deceased, so who was he supposed to give summons?” He stated.

They say the delayed plea taking is likely to compromise the course of justice since the investigating officers had assured them that Mahesh Bhati was to appear before court today.

Yesterday,a video virally shared showed an elderly male adult in handcuffs being whisked by people believed to be police to an awaiting car. In the video some unidentified persons when also seen erecting demarcations within disputed land situated in Lavington area

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