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  • Cannabis consumption is illegal in Kenya
  • Industrial hemp and economic impact

There has been concerns on the use of recreational marijuana in Kenya, with recent reports  from NACADA showing Nairobi leads in cannabis use.

In a joint workshop at the British Institute In Eastern Africa, stakeholders shared different views in regards to the future of cannabis in Africa.

Neil Carrier an associate Professor in Social Anthropology at the University of Bristol who is currently doing a research on the Cannabis trends in Africa including Kenya shared a few findings from their ongoing research.

He says, cannabis consumed in Kenya is mostly from Migori ,Uganda ,Malawi and the Tanzanian border,

’from Shashamane, a town in central Ethiopia, smugglers have had their way to get ”Shash’ to the country which is notably on high demand ” He added

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Members present emphasized on the need to have more community outreach programs aimed at informing the public on the dangers associated with drugs and substance use.

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There has been ongoing conversations to decriminalize Marijuana in Kenya, especially after the ‘Wajackoyah’ led campaign,

Justina Wamae, who was also present says she was inspired to dig deeper on the use of Industrial Hemp , specifically for industrial or medicinal use. 

Present was Bernice Apondi a drug policy consultant working with Vocal Kenya, who called on the media to continue having relentless conversation on supporting drug users.

Mathew Mutiso a mental health advocate says there are currently ongoing cases in court in relation to cannabis,

one presented by the Kenyan Rastafarian Community, and a different case in Nakuru where an individual was arrested for planting marijuana.

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