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Demolition exercises in Kisumu have helped deal with illicit brews

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The illegal sale and consumption of illicit brew in Northern Location in Kisumu County has drastically gone down following the demolition of illegal structures in the area.

Northern Sub-location Assistant Chief John Ogilo says that the demolition of illegal structures within the bus park has also helped get rid of the illicit brew that was being sold in the areas.

Ogilo says that the demolition around Maendeleo Ya Wanawake also removed idling corners and in turn scaring away the street children.

“The issue of street children has gone down since last year, if you are keen, the demolition of KANU area and Maendeleo ya wanawake really scared them away as they do not have a place to hide. Those who were also hiding around that place to sell or consume illicit brew have also left,” said Ogilo.

According to Ogilo the reduction of consumption and sale of illicit brews will also help the youth who are lost in alcohol consumption and addiction.


“Once the place was brought down, spotting those who sell illicit brew became so easy. If you are keen and walk around you will realize that the rate at which youths used to get drunk during the day has really done,” says Chief John

Northern sub location is a set up within city that comprises of Ondiek estate, Argwing’s Kodhek, Bunduba, Posta flats, Patels flats.

The demolitions have also seen the crime hot spots down away with and crime rates taken down.

“The set up for this location is very funny, as we are within town and most of traders within this sub location do not stay here hence making it hard to mark traders and understand criteria of dealing with those people fully,” he lamented.

Last year the Kisumu County Government conducted a massive demolition exercise in the county, a move that caused an uproar among the residents.



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