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Dennis Onsarigo escapes grisly road accident

Dennis Onsarigo escapes grisly road accident

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KTN journalist Dennis Onsarigo is recuperating at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi after he survived a grisly road accident along the southern by pass.

Onsarigo and his friends were out cycling along the Southern bypass where  they usually cycle the entire length of the dual carriage which stretches 28.6kilometres from Ole Sereni on Mombasa Road to Kikuyu on the junction of Nairobi/Nakuru highway when the tragedy struck.

On Saturday when the reporter was cycling on the busy bypass he  noticed a track had lost control and was speeding towards him.

“I went riding a bike ?on Saturday.I had done 23Kms one way when a truck left the main road on to my path wanting to overlap. I decide let me outpace it because it will leave dust on me.. step on the peddle, look over my shoulder and the truck has now increased pace; step on the pedal again and the truck driver impatient now honks. glancing back for a third time.The truck is literally inches of “breathing” from me I turn my head before I can leave the bicycle path, I lose control of the beast.. push over, I land head first thank (God I had a helmet) then my shoulder, the landing force tosses me just a yard from the truck,” Onsarigo said

The reporter’s landing just meters away from where the truck crashed helped him walk away with his life with just injuries to the collar bone.

“Screams from other motorists, the screeching slamming on brakes and now lost in dust, I can hear my own breathing. I try lifting myself up, I can’t. A sharp pain on my collar bone, tells me I have fractured something.
Long story short, I survived a truck crashing me. it was a touching distance from where I lay.
Flashback: previous night a colleague had told me not to go riding after I told them I wasn’t sure about riding on that road, that morning, I bought a new helmet and said a prayer . something I rarely do when going biking.”

Onsarigo narrated howt it suddenly dawned on him how life was so fragile when he was being wheeled into surgery at Aga Khan University Hospital where he underwent a six hour surgery to fix his injuries.

“As I was wheeled into the operating room for a six hour operation it hit me; life is short .. when the surgeons dimmed the lights out of my life, I had died for six hours… what if I never returned?
Lucky to be alive; time I figured what this accident means.”



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