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Departed MCA’s Husband Painfully Narrates Inhumane Treatment By Doctors In India


Husband to the departed Nairobi County Assembly Deputy Minority leader Frederick Afwai has bravely narrated the difficulties and painful ordeals he went through when nursing his wife Hon Melab Atemah.

Atemah had been diagnosed with cancer and was in India for quite some time.

One of the obstacles he faced while in hospital in India he says was harassment.

According to Afwai, his wife bitterly complained on how she was being treated in the ward and during her examinations by the medics.

He says they were inhumane at some point, he was forced to do a formal complaint to management but no action was taken.

“We discussed the nursing team she was telling me the nursing team is not good they are harassing her so I had to live in isolation to and complain and I never went back,” Afwai said.

According to Afwai, his wife Melab went through two major surgeries and at some point three of her organs stopped functioning.

“Towards the end, her Kidneys failed and she had three organs which had also failed. The body was very week and the doctors told me that there was nothing they could do with her condition which was very critical. The doctors said that it could take about six months for her to come out if she survived…at this moment I could only go there talk to her nothing else,” he said.

“So in the night at around 2am I received a message from one of the translators and he said your patient is no more and unfortunately the lady writing the message is not in the hospital ….when I came into the room I asked myself many questions,  I knew nobody ,nobody bothered, they are  all Indians I prayed for her and closed her eyes ..she was still in the machine …. Doctors there don’t care they left me alone in the room with the body with her eyes wide open. I tried looking for the doctors to close her eyes but there was none,” Afwai painfully narrated.

Her body was transferred back in the country last week and she will be buried this Saturday in Shinyalu Kakamega County.

By Allan Otieno