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Departed Nairobi Assembly Deputy Minority Leader Melab Atemah To Be Buried On Saturday


The deceased Deputy Minority leader Nairobi City County Assembly Melab Atemah will be buried on Saturday this week.

Today the assembly held a brief mass to remember and give her, her last respect.

According to Nairobi Assembly speaker Benson Mutura the assembly did everything to address her medical condition.

“We thank God for everything today is our prayer day the husband was supportive we walked this journey together until we lost her Melab was a great leader,” Mutura said.

Frederick Afwai her husband said she had two major surgeries with three organ failures while receiving treatment in India.

He further revealed that Covid-19 also contributed to her quick demise.

“She was told in India that your bladder has something. We did abdominal scan, first chemotherapy was done to her at Nairobi Hospital but she wasn’t better and the assembly arranged for us a flight and we went to India. What I can say is that Covid-19 really hit Melab  hard and before she could fully recover she underwent a lot, three organ failures and she died after cardiac arrest it was a tough moment in a foreign land,” he narrated.


We want to thank everyone you have done a lot to me until we lost her.

“I was the first person to detect her illness we have walked with her this journey, she was mingling with everyone she was lively. I was in India with her for two weeks when she was in India,” CEC health Hitan Majevdia.

“We sent two MCAs to India, we took that step just to show love, during the new year celebrations we had to call our clerk back  to facilitate her travel, we have our health CEC Majevdiah he did a lot he is not just a government officer but very human. Melab stood for justice I knew her when I was a youth leader she fought for  justice for women in ODM, she fought for the minority,” Chege Waithera Deputy Majority Whip said.

By Allan Otieno