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“Depression nikama wewe unataka” Jalang’o tells comedians

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Comedian Jalang’o has refuted claims that comedians in Kenya are dying because of depression in the industry.

He said that depression is caused by people who do comedy for making money and not as a passion that is inbuilt.

He also urged people and comedians to always trust the process and always remember that nothing comes easy.

“Depression nikama wewe unataka, it is you all the time. Ukiingia kwa kitu bila passion from the word go you will get into depression if things do not go your way. Some people stop very fast when things do not work out for them. Mtu anataka kuendesha gari kubwa na siku ya kwanza. Bro just relax and trust the process that is kama uliingia kufanya comedy na passion si ati uliforciwa,”Said Jalang’o.

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He also revealed that he hires all the vehicles because he sold all his vehicles so as to invest into buying land.

The presenter also bragged that he is able to get a car to hire anytime he wants and can get any model of car.

 “Mimi sina gari, sikuhizi nahire. Gari niliuza zote kwa sababu sasa kama napewa ya kuhire nafanya nini. Gari ni kitu inadepresiate sasa si uuze gari na uinvest hiyo pesa yote kwa shamba. Sina gari ata moja juu  kama unaweza pata gari za bure mbona ujisumbue ukinunua gari? Na sahi ata nikitaka nitapewa model yeyote yenye nataka. Unajua gari ni kama mschana ikona vitu nyingi,” added Jalang’o.

He also said that he takes loan in order to finish off the building project that he started together with Alex Mwakideu.