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Desperate Lawyer Stuffs Tusker Bottle With Used CD, Sues EABL


An Eldoret-based lawyer has been accused of stuffing a bottle of Tusker with a used condom and then suing the manufacturer, demanding compensation.

Richard Maina claimed he fell ill, vomited and experienced psychological torture and thus wanted the brewer to compensate him.

Tables have since turned on Maina, with the East African Breweries Limited (EABL) providing proof that he actually opened the beer and introduced in it the impurity, in a bid to defame the giant brewer for financial gains.

Poking holes in the lawyer’s wild allegations, EABL argued that their bottling system is in tip-top condition and can’t let through a huge impurity like a condom without detection.

“EABL is not just ISO-certified. The company was recently re-certified to international standards for quality and food safety. More so, their ingredients sourcing procedures are so strict that such reckless mistakes would never occur under whatever circumstances,” argued the company’s lawyer in court papers, demanding damages for defaming the respected regional giant brewer.