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Desperate Wannabe??? Tanzanian Lady Does Everything Just To Look Like Huddah Monroe!!(Pics)


naiYou know Tanzanians and Instagram, right??? Well, you are also familiar with the saying “Be yourself, everyone else is taken,” huh???
Someone needs to deliver this primitive Bongo fellas with access to expensive smart phones and data from the spell of “copy pasting”!! Not really copy pasting…..wannabes, wannabes is the right word.

From opening fake pages with celebrity names just to gain followers to crafting their image in order look like their favorite artistes or celebrities….Tanzanians are just so naive!!! It is annoying by the way…very annoying.

nai1 nai2 nai3

Try it out. Go to your Facebook or Instagram search boxes and type “Wema Sepetu” or “Jokate Mwegelo” or “Zarithebosslady” or even “Idris Sultan”….now before you come to the real page or handle, my friend the fake accounts with a remarkably huge following would have already barred you from the real deal.

For Instance Nai. Nai is a beautiful Tanzanian lass whose primitivity or ‘wanabbeism’ has taken the better of her. Nai must be a fan of local socialite Huddah Monroe. Coincidentally, she is petite and pretty like our Huddah.

The issue with Nai is low self esteem. Hers is reading -(negative) something i suppose. The beautiful lady likes Huddah Monroe way too much she has even taken after her (Huddah’s) dress code, hair do and even photo postures.

As a matter of fact- something Nai doesn’t even know- she is way cuter than Huddah. By far.

However Nai has chosen to be “Tanzanian’s own Huddah” instead of being herself. SAD. In one post, she even declares herself Huddah’s twin not to say opening a handle on Instagram with the username @nai_huddah.

Isn’t that annoying? Am allergic to wannabes, fakies and copy pastes. BE YOURSELF!!!!!


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