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Detainees in Kisumu Police Cells Decry Hunger and Deplorable Conditions


By Jacob Oluoch

Detainees at the Kisumu Central Police Station are decrying the deplorable state of the cells they are being held in.

The detainees claim that the cells are overcrowded and hygienic exposing them to various diseases including Covid-19.

One of the detainees who spoke to Ghetto Radio stated that apart from hygiene, they are also kept hungry and only feed on one meal in a day.

“This place is overcrowded hence when Covid strikes nobody will be safe, there is no social distancing or wearing of masks,” cried the detainee.

“Secondly these police officers are really frustrating us. Some of the officers pour water on the floor as early as 3am. There is no enough meal as we feed on cabbage almost every day,” he stated.

Some of the detainees are also subjected to harsh living conditions like sleeping on the floor regardless of the health risks.

“A person like me I have spinal cord complications which require some attention but since the officers knew my case, instead of assisting me they make sure that I sleep on that floor for 20 days,” he added.

A past look at the same cell revealed a myriad of problems surrounding the detention of suspects.

An officer who spoke to Ghetto Radio on condition of anonymity stated that the problem emanated from having a high number of arrests resulting from the defiance of Covid-19 protocols.

He also stated that they had problems transporting detainees who have already been presented in court to the Kodiaga Maximum Prison.