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Diamond and Harmonize busted for wearing fake watches

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By Magi Kadzo

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz and his counterpart Harmonize have fake watches. This is according to a post by an Instagram page that calls itself ‘FakeWatchBuster’.

According to this page, the Rolex Day-Date that Diamond Platnumz wears is allegedly a fake and the model does not even exist.

“This fake Rolex Day-Date is by far the worst we found,” said the watch enthusiasts.

Other things noted by the page are the size and position of the day window, missing date lens magnification, wrong crown size, wrong dial proportions, wrong shape of president bracelet, gap between case and bracelet among others.

The watch can be seen in a photo posted on Diamond’s Instagram page on the 3rd of April this year.

His counterpart Harmonize on the other hand has been put on the spot over a fake Richard Millie RM50-03 McLaren F1 he has on in a photo posted on his Instagram page four days ago.

Just like Diamond’s model does not exist, it is a similar case to Harmonize’s red cased Richard Millie RM50-03 McLaren F1.

According to the page, the original model case only comes out with visible carbon case, not with red case.

Other factors noted in Harmonize’s watch include; case is made out of simple plastic, strap screws are missing, the crown shape is different, wrong bezel shape- there’s an extra chronograph pusher, wrong strap shape, wrong size of bezel screws among others.


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