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  • Diamond and Harmonize new collabo.
  • Diamond and Harmonize shook hands at state house following Mama Samia Suluhu’s invite on Ramadan’s Iftar.
  • Harmonize left Wasafi barely nine years ago before his contract ended which resulted in bad blood between him and his former boss, Diamond.

Bongo flava lovers are currently pushing for a Diamond and Harmonize collaboration following the two arch-rivals meeting and shaking hands at state house following Mama Samia Suluhu’s invite on Ramadan’s Iftar.

Dressed in a black kanzu while covering his head with a white Kefiye popularly known as Arafat, Harmonize walked up to Diamond who was sitting side by side to his manager, Sallam and shook his hand.

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During their brief talk, Harmonize was heard telling Diamond that he would call him the following day.

“Nitakupigia basi kesho, pokea basi” said Harmonize.

Harmonize & Diamond during their hey days PHOTO Google


Bitter Fallout

Harmonize was signed by Diamond at Wasafi barely nine years ago.

The Amelowa singer left Wasafi four years ago and they have never had good things to speak about each other.

Leaving Wasafi before his contract ended saw Harmonize slapped with a hefty pay-out plan which almost broke his back.

The bitter fallout had Harmonize dropping a distrack dubbed “Wapo” directed to Diamond for neglecting his father, Mzee Abdul.

“Kama baba na mama ndio nguzo ya dunia wapende wote sio wa kike anacheka wa kiume analilia bila msaada wowote” he sings partly.

It didn’t end there, Harmonize also revealed Diamond’s stern warning on being miles ahead of him in wealth and sorcery.

During Harmonize’s scandal with Paula Kajala, the former’s signee, Ibraah also wedged war on Wasafi and Rayvanny with a distrack, Hayakuhusu.

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According to Ibraah, Wasafi were using uncouth ways of blocking their progress.

“Mambo ya kuhonga waandishi wa habari mumezoea tunawajua hata You Tube zetu mnapochokonoa si tunawajua, tunawajua kama vipaji mnavyo sa wivu wa nini” sang Ibraah partly.

Fans Reactions

Below are a few of the reactions with many loving Diamond and Harmonize’s renewed friendship.

“Kama unasubiria new hit kwa Harmo na Diamond gonga like hapa”

“Dah nimejikuta nimefurahi sana kuona hivi”

“Kama unakubali kolabo la simba na konde like hapa”

“Watu wa maana kabisa”

“Nice combination”



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