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Diamond and Tanasha Donna set to introduce son to their fans

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Celebrity couple Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna is set to introduce their son Naseeb Junior to their fans more than a month after his birth.

The couple announced via their son’s Instagram account that they will be hosting his 40 day celebration on the 26th of November.

“Looking forward to my 40s celebration on the 26th with my family & friends” read a post on Naseeb Junior’s account.

Naseeb’s arrival has been surrounded by several controversies with many alleging that his birthday was faked.

According to several gossip Tanzanian tabloids, Naseeb Junior was allegedly born in September but his parents decided to fake his birth date match that of his father Diamond Platnumz.

At one point, Tanasha was forced to share her son’s birth certificate online to prove that he was indeed born on 2nd October 2019.

Through her Insta-stories, Tanasha accused her haters of being idle and clout chasing adding that her son was born on 2nd October 2019.

“I know people do a lot for clout. But fake my son’s Birthday for 15 minutes of Clout? Only an idiot can do that. What Kind of mother would I be to have my son celebrate false Birthday each year? I would be a selfish mother to do that. Foolish blogs. Never get their facts right” she wrote


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