Bongo flava crooner Diamond Platinumz has gone back to his storytelling mien and proved unstoppable with his new song dubbed Yatapita taking the internet by storm.

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Yatapita is a feel good love song laced with messages of triumph during difficult periods.It depicts a common scenario in most marriages where the husband promises the wife of better days to come despite their current situation.The Wasafi boss took his time while penning the song and it’s all evident in his narration, from the heavy rhyming and well thought lines.

“Yatapita yana mwisho ipo siku tutayasahau watatuheshimu waliotufharau,Kaza moyo nivumilie amini tutayasahau walio tudharau (wote),Na ntakununulia (vyote)mawigi na simu(vyote)ntakuzawadia(vyote) sings the chorus partly .

A scene showing Diamond with the Chinese boss courtesy You Tube grab

The video sets off with Diamond at his work station,a company’s go down, workers have lined up to receive their daily dues from their master who’s a no nonsense Chinese.

The cruelty meted on Diamond is exhibited as his pay is thrown down while the boss scoffs at him, he diligently picks it up and nears his wife who stands a few meters as they head home notwithstanding the humiliation.

At the bus stop, it’s peak time and everyone is jostling to catch the bus home.Diamond makes his way in the bus, moments later he realizes his wife did not make it .He then hops out through the window joining his wife sending a message of true affection.

In the first verse, Diamond continues to promise heaven for his better half reminding her to be patient and prayerful for things will turn out well someday.Their house also paints the picture of a struggling couple, when it rains the roof leaks.What’s amazing is that the wife seems to understand knowing that no situation is permanent.

“Aloiumba leo ni Mungu na ndio ataiumba kesho,amini fungu letu laja haliko mbali,alisema mtazaa kwa uchungu tutatafuta kwa mateso bae mtihani kawaida usijali,mmh kidogo nnachokuletea usinune pokea nipate moyo nifariji na juhudi naziongezea ,usichoke niombee mola atubariki zaidi” goes part of the verse.

Other memorable scenes show Diamond and his wife sleeping in their humble house as Dangote plays scenes of victory in his vision, the good life, the champagne popping in a state of the art setting.

As the video comes to an end, Diamond helps his wife in preparing ugali.It soon dawns on them that their meal of sardines, small fish is gone as their cat feasts on it.

With less than 24 hours from it’s release,already it has amassed a whooping 900k views and still counting making it number three on the top trending songs.This is a clear indication that before hitting the 24 hour mark a million and above is all possible.

Listening to the song creates memories of Diamond’s earlier storytelling skills on songs like Mbagala and Nitarejea.Do you agree?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

January 26, 2023

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