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  • Diamond has been chasing away “big headed” female artists from Wasafi Festival.
  • The artist renewed his ambassadorial duty with Pepsi bringing their partnership to five years.
  • Pepsi is set to customize a chain for Diamond, he clapped back at Otile Brown’s “fake chain” sentiments.

Diamond has been shoving off “big headed” female artists in the ongoing Wasafi Festival.

According to the Wasafi supremo, he wishes to work with all hardworking female star’s.

However, there’s a bunch of female artists who feel they’re so special with crazy demands.

Unapologetically, Diamond affirmed that he hangs up on them after all Wasafi Festival will be sold out without them.

“Tunajitahidi kuwaingiza wasanii wote tofauti tofauti wasanii tunawapigia simu pia waje katika tamasha wasituletee pozi ukileta pozi mi nakukata tu unaelewa kwa sababu ata usipokuwepo shoo litajaa sasa wasanii tuweke flexibility ili wote tushiriki” stated Diamond partly.

This seems to have been Diamond’s trend in the already concluded Wasafi Festival in Sumbawanga and Mtwara editions among others.

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It’s only his girlfriend and signee, Zuchu who has graced the showpieces so far.

Is it that hard to secure a show for a Tanzanian female artist?

Diamond during the Pepsi partnership PHOTO Courtesy


Pepsi Ambassadorship

Diamond made the sentiments while unveiling their renewed partnership with Pepsi.

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This brings Diamond’s partnership with the beverage brand to five years.

“Wenzangu wa pepsi tunafikisha miaka mitano tunafanya kazi pamoja lakini si tu miaka mitano ni miaka mitano ya mafanikio” he stated partly.

The moment also saw Pepsi launch its latest bottled brands.

The Enjoy hit maker further attributed his runaway success to working with the global brand.

Customized Chain From Pepsi

Diamond clapped back at Kenya’s Otile Brown while reaveling that Pepsi was customizing a chain for him.

“Watch your lane!!” seemed Diamond’s words as he laughed off Otile’s earlier statement.

The Kenyan singer had called out the Yatapita singer and his stable mate, Mbosso for wearing fake jewelry.



September 26, 2023

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