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  • The two have been embroiled in a fierce royal tussle.
  • Harmonize Accuses Diamond and Ziiki company of eating his hard earned cash.

Tanzanian Singer and Konde Gang boss Harmonize, has called on the country’s authorities to ensure that Diamond’s Wasafi gives him back his royalties saying the label has been colluding to deny him his dues. These are part of the work he did while in WCB label.

According to Harmonize despite officially complaining to WCB the and the music distribution Company called Ziiki they have failed to heed to his calls.
“Mambo Bado hata nataka hizo Dola nilifanyia kazi,” Harmonize said in his latest attack on Diamond and Ziiki company.

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This is the second time is going public accusing Diamond of fleecing his hard earned sweat despite paying when parting ways with WCB.
Earlier in online rant he accused Diamond of taking his share.

I know you can’t believe this but I have never collected 1.USD from publishing all the music that I’ve been dropping over 7 years 🤔 Over 💯 HIT SONGS remember I own the Master but I don’t know who is collecting 💰 💰🤷‍♂️” began the musician.

Even Kwangwaru 🤷‍♂️ over 100.m some one chopping that money so comfortable kama Katanga yeye usikute ndio maana walikuwa wanapambana sanaa nipotee walijua nikifika hii level ya Sasa wata tapika !!!! Usumbufu Utajitokeza it’s time baby boys this nigger need his 💰💰💰I don’t like fighting but I have to.” The post reads.

He went on to add, “Lol I need them Back Remember I have one 👧 I’m here for her Future I need Good Life 2 worked so hard to be here. Masemango Manyanyaso Matusi Kudhalilishwa then Some One chopping my money like that @mziiki you are responsible to show me a way to get all this is. If you don’t know then I’m leaving in the MORNING I will thank You For Having me 🙏”

Personally Support

Tv personality Mwijaku has come out to Harmonizes’ defence demanding that Diamond pay all royalties he has been collecting on behalf of Harmonize in Ziiki company.

“They shouldn’t complain he has stolen the money from him let them pay it is payback time actually.Thats why he has called on the company distributing his music. Sheikh if you have a Collabo with someone and the agreement is fifty fifty why can’t you just honour that.Why are going against the agreement? When Harmonize was leaving WCB he paid all the 600 million shillings Diamond and his team needed there, no need going against the contract and start eating his royalties,” Mwijaku slammed Diamond.

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