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‘Diamond helped boost my career but he did not build it’ Tanasha Donna

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Songstress Tanasha Donna has responded to critics claiming that her Ex Diamond Platnumz helped her build her career.

Speaking in an Interview with Tuko’s Lynn Ngungi Tanasha said the WCB boss most definitely gave her a career boost but he did not build her from scratch.

“Diamond has contributed to boosting my numbers for the period I was dating him but regardless whether he was in the picture or not, My focus was always there from a very long time ago. I was very well connected in the industry already. I know numerous artistes globally and in Africa. So I believe regardless of me meeting him, I knew what my destiny was and I knew and I knew what I wanted to achieve and he met me when I had already recorded songs. In fact I had already done a song with Nviiri so I didn’t meet him then started doing music. Maybe it would have taken another two years or more without him but I knew i would have gotten here.” She said

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She further talked about her relationship with the bongo star saying she genuinely loved him and trusted him.

She went ahead to say that she was against their relationship ever being on the limelight.

“Not at all, I genuinely loved him, he knows that. I was loyal to him. He could take my phone and go through my phone so comfortably and he used to say it himself he knew that I was loyal to him. I believe that if I didn’t love him I wouldn’t be loyal to him or I would do things behind his back or get nervous when he holds my phone. But I genuinely loved him, I did not use him to climb to the top as a matter of fact in the beginning I was against putting our relationship in the public. If my intention was to really get clout out of this, I would be like post me do this, do that. In the beginning, I was against putting our relationship in the media but later on he would do it but then no I would like to cut off those claims. That’s a man I genuinely loved, that a man I will always have love for. I’ve moved on but I will always have love for him because at the end of the day he’s the father of my son.” She concluded