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  • Diamond and Lavalava taken back to class!
  • Diamond and Lavalava had accused Ziiki of blocking the release of their collaborative piece dubbed ‘Kibango’.
  • Ziiki affirms that for a song to be released it should have been submitted 3 weeks earlier.

Digital music distribution company, Ziiki has reminded Diamond and Lavalava to stop making noise over the delay for the release of their collabo dubbed ‘Kibango’ when they failed to follow the set guidelines.

Through an official statement, Ziiki revealed that they had received a letter from Diamond’s stable, WCB Wasafi crying foul.

“Tumepokea malalamiko kutoka kwenye label ya Wasafi juu ya kuzuia kazi ya msanii Lavalava akishirikiana na Diamond Platnumz.

However, Ziiki noted that they received the duos song without full compliance of the regulations. It is required that an artist submits his work at least 3 weeks before the song hits the market.

In the end that an artist fails to abide by that then he’s given 1 week before song can premiere.

“Taarifa kuhusu release ya wimbo huo tumepokea tofauti na vile tulivyokubaliana ambapo kimkataba msanii anapaswa kuwasilisha wimbo walau week 3 kabla ya wimbo kutoka au kukiwa na sababu zilizo nje ya uwezo wao tunaweza kumpatia walau siku 7 ili wimbo uweze kutoka” partly read the statement.

Both Diamond and Lavalava failed to heed to this regulations as they demanded their song ‘Kibango’ to be released within three days.

“Wimbo unaolalamikiwa wa ‘Kibango’ uliwasilishwa siku ya tar 16.042024 na kutaka utolewe siku ya tar 19.042024” further added the statement.


Globally-Laid Rules

It further disclosed that they’re in line with the globally-set rules used by world-class Dsp’s and not their own rules.

Ziiki continued that for the longest time now they’ve created awareness to several Bongo Flava acts in regard to digital distribution of music leaving out You Tube, Audiomark and Boomplay.

To set the record straight, Ziiki maintained that they haven’t blocked Diamond’s song with Lavalava.

While summing up, it noted that they’re committed to seeing Tanzanian artists go beyond borders and earn the much-needed recognition. Therefore, they appealed to artists to cooperate by following the ‘digital rules’ so as to achieve this dream.



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