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Diamond Platinumz Is Scheming On My Yet To Be Released Album, Willy Paul


Following the Former gospel Singer turned secular artist Wilson Opondo popularly referred to as Willy Paul has pointed out at Bongo Sensation and Wasafi Boss Diamond Platinumz for scheming on his yet to be released album.

In his recent interview with Eve Mungai, the Sitolia hit maker termed it a ‘weak strategy’ being employed by the Baba Lao Star making sure he delays in releasing his album ‘Swahili Nation’ until Willy Paul drops his so as to bombard the entertainment scene with his album, he went further stating that he’s the real deal and isn’t shaken by that.

“This time yani si Diamond anatoa album, hiyo album yake ilikuwa inafaa kuwa imetoka i think a month ago ama two months ago but imekuwa pending you know why coz nafaa kutoa album, watu wananingoja kwanza, wanangoja mzito atoe yake ndio wanifunike, actually ndio game, wacha huyu atoe alafu sisi tutoe… Pozze ni moto wa kuotea mbali,” stated Willy Paul.

Why He Chose To Do A Gengetone Song

Willy Paul stated that Gengetone is Kenya’s sound and culture which is not dying anytime soon.

When he termed Gengetone ‘Dead’ was simply a ploy to see how people relate with the genre, during the debating he had already recorded the song ‘Manyuria’ and released it to everyone’s surprise.

“Nilikuwa nataka kuona ni wasee wangapi wanasupport mziki ya wakenya ni wasee wangapi wanasupport the culture nikitaka kuona wasee wataongeaje… Already nilikuwa na song nishafanya video iko ready na nimeeka wasanii wa Gengetone kaa wote ndani, so nkaona kuna wasee walikuwa wanashangilia nikasema ‘now I know kuna wasee wanaomba hii kitu iishe na mimi sasa nikaiachilia ng’aa,” he explained.


Naming Of The Album

He is yet to provide a name for the album and is currently welcoming suggestions from his fans so as to be apart of it. “Is true because hii album ni nyinyi nawafanyia wasee hapa nje na so nataka kila fan wangu a take part kwa hii process,” he added.

He was speaking in the backdrop of a sexual scandal involving him with his former signee Miss P (Elvira Wambui). He divulged from talking about it maybe because it’s now a court case.

Speculations are also rife that the two are involved in a publicity stunt in pushing the yet to be released album.


By Steve Osaka.