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  • Diamond Platnumz Speaks Up about the business side of music and his aspirations for a Collabo with Jose Chameleon
  • Chameleon’s father reveals that his son is currently undergoing specialist treatment in the USA

Tanzanian Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz has voiced his concerns about the frequency of free media interviews in the music industry.

The artist alleged that musicians should not be expected to give their time and talents away for free. He said that music is not just an art form but also a business and frequent unpaid interviews take advantage of artists who make a living through their music.

In an interview with Journalists ahead of a charity comedy event show in Kampala Uganda, diamond spoke openly about his frustrations regarding free media interviews after being asked a question regarding the relationship between musicians and media.

“I think there is no artist if there is no media, but then let media not misuse us. The way the media know how much the artists depend on them sometimes the media want to misuse us. They can call them for over 100 shows for free …that’s where the problem comes an artist…how am I going to dress? I went through this kind of treatment before,”he said.

While he acknowledged the media’s vital role in supporting musicians by playing their music, he emphasized the need for a fairer approach.

He believed that the media sometimes exploits artists, especially when they consistently request interviews without compensating them appropriately.

Diamond,Jose Chameleon Collabo

Diamond also revealed his admiration for Ugandan legendary superstar musician Jose chameleon naming him as an icon and role model.

He expressed his desire to collaborate with chameleon stating that he regretted not having had an opportunity to work on a song with him.

“I respect Jose Chameleon so much unfortunately we still have no song together yet but I would love to have a song with Jose Chameleon. That will be one of my dreams because I respect him…he is one of my role models…. type of music he does is my favorite,”

Unfortunately, recent reports have indicated that Jose Chameleon has been facing health issues. The news was confirmed by Chameleon’s father, Mayanja Senior, in a phone call to Vision Group’s Bukedde TV. Gerald Mayanja shared that his son is currently undergoing specialist treatment in the USA.

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