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Diamond proves Tanasha’s car is still in his possession, shows of Parking

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WCB boss Diamodn Platnumz has come out to quash allegations that he gifted WCB signee Mbosso, Tanasha’s Toyota Prado.

Tanasha Donna’s baby daddy in a recent post on social media showed off his parking lot leaving fans drooling at his sleek collection.

In the video uploaded on Instagram, Diamond first zoomed in on Tanasha’s 2019 birthday gift, as well as his mother’s and his other cars.

This comes just days after Mbosso was forced to openly share his logbook to prove that he acquired the sleek Toyota Prado he has been cruising in for the last few days.

“Hata wakati nanunua hili Gari hata Diamond Mwenyewe aliniambia usipochunga mdogo wangu Gari yako itaonekana ya Tanasha. Lakini nafikiria pia tunaeza kulipeleka hili gari mpaka kwa Diamod kule alafu tupige picha zikiwa zote, ile ya Mama Dangote, Tanasha na hii Hapa. Chombo chnagu na Nashukuru Mwenyezi Mungu ndo nimekianzia Mwaka nacho, ndo linafikisha kama Mwezi hivi,” said Mbosso

In a recent interview, Tanasha said she did not want to take the car because she has her own BMW in Nairobi.

“The car is in Tanzania. I had no interest in taking it because I have my car here, my BMW, its actually in the garage messed up. I’m not gonna leave a relationship then I’m like I’m taking the car or taking this, you can have it. I can get myself a car or anything I need and that’s what matters,” shared Tanasha

The car has been the center of controversy especially after Diamond’s mum Sandra Dangote recently stepped out in it.

Fans lashed out at Mama Dangote for cruising in the ride and asked her to get it back to Tanasha.

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