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  • Diamond surprises Chidi Benz with their new collaboration at Wasafi festival in Mwanza.
  • The last time the two collaborated on a song was eight years ago.
  • Chidi has been doing well after fighting off drug addiction.

Diamond over the weekend surprised rapper Chidi Benz with their new collaboration during Wasafi festival in Mwanza.
In a video doing rounds on social media, Diamond is captured on stage with Chidi Benz.

The Yatapita singer informs Chidi Benz that he has laid a chorus in one of Chidi’s unreleased music.
Diamond had met Chidi’s music producer and listened to his unreleased songs picking the one that touched his heart.
According to Diamond, the song was a special gift to Chidi.

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“Mwanza skizeni hii kitu vizuri moja wama producer’s wakati niko nao nafanya nao nyimbo waliniplayia nyimbo zako ambazo hazijatoka mawe kwelikweli…kuna mashini yako moja wee hujajua ni mashini gani hiyo mashini mi nimeweka chorus, alafu nimeambia Wasafi media wafanye wafanyavyo hiyo nyimbo lazima ihiti sana, wahakikishe kwamba yani kila corner ya mtaa hiyo nyimbo iwe alafu nasema my brother King Kong hii zawadi yangu ya kwanza kutoka kwako unanipa ruksa nicheze huo wimbo” states Diamond.

Song’s Story line

The new song dubbed Tunaishi Nao delves on betrayal from close ones in times of turbulence.
Diamond lays his smooth vocals with the perfect words that carries its theme.

“Binadamu bwana omba uteleze ndio utawajua ukiwa nacho we wa maana ukikosa na heshima inapungua ila tuishi nao” sings Diamond.

This complements Chidi’s verses well in his trademark raspy voice filled with punchlines.
As the song is played from the synthesizer, Both Chidi Benz and Mwanza fans are thrown into a frenzy.

Chidi Benz sits on a speaker as he nods keenly to the playback, moments later he’s blown off completely.
He takes off his shirt as Diamond follows suit as he works out the crowd with the chorus.
The last time the two collaborated on a song was eight years ago on the song Nalia na mengi.

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Chidi Benz Overcame Drug Addiction

Chidi has managed to fight off drug addiction which almost ruined his stellar music career.
At one time he had a brush with law enforcers for illicit drug possession.

His body also looked jaded from the effects of drug use.
However, over the years Chidi has managed to pick himself up reclaiming his lost glory.
Some of his songs include Commando, Mashallah and Dar es Sallam stand up among others.

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