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  • Diamond has revealed loosing more than 4 billion in private jet deal.
  • He had ordered for a bigger plane only to be delivered  smaller one.
  • With a plane in his disposal his busy diary is taken care of including his team.

Diamond Platinumz has revealed being conned more than 4 Billion Tanzanian Shillings in a Private Jet deal.

The Wasafi supremo spoke upon landing in Kahama from Nairobi ahead of his highly anticipated Wasafi Festival appearance.

Diamond noted that not only did he loose more than 4 billion shillings but also received a smaller plane compared with the one he’d ordered for.

“Nilikuwa nimenunua kubwa ya kwangu lakini wakaniletea ujanja wakaniingiza mjini kidogo wakanipiga kama bilioni nne na kitu” he asserted.

Diamond further added that law enforcers intervened to have the figure recovered.

The result has since seen Diamond recovering part of the money.

“Polisi wanafaham yani ilikuwa inafuatiliwa na serikali wanasaidia kuona haki yangu napataje na washanza kidogo kiasi kuanza kurudisha” he explained.

Diamond was trying to explain his choice in acquiring the plane by managing time and beating deadlines in his busy diary.

He also travels with a large entourage which entails manager, dancers, media team among others whom a private plane provides swift movement.

The plane also cuts down the expenses which would have been needed while flying commercially.

In less than 1 week, Diamond has been in several countries.

From South Africa, Rwanda for the Trace Awards, Kenya during Octoberfest to Tanzania for Wasafi Festival in Kahama.

Thereafter, the Yatapita singer is set for a tour of the US.

This further explains why a private plane comes in handy.

Diamond in his private jet PHOTO Courtesy


Performed While Sick In Nairobi

Diamond’s manager and Morogoro South Mp Babu Tale disclosed that Diamond performed in Nairobi while sick.

Tale was part of Diamond’s Kenyan travelling party for the Octoberfest showpiece.

He’s a common figure and rarely misses out in his life.

However, reacting to his Kenyan performance, Diamond affirmed that it was out of this world.

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