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  • Diamond wins back Zuchu’s heart.
  • Barely hours after being dumped, Diamond sought for forgiveness during a show in Zanzibar.
  • Diamond has openly affirmed that his past relationships are soiling his time with Zuchu.

Within hours of being dumped, Diamond has finally managed to win back Zuchu’s heart and the two are now back together like never before. Diamond sought for forgiveness during Zuchu’s show in Zanzibar where he apologized.

According to Diamond, Zuchu was his rightful woman, however, he had failed her with the sins coming from his past relationships.

“Kipindi chote umekuwa ni mwanamke mwema sana kwangu, sana, lakini nilipotoka huko nyuma walivyonifanya kuliniharibu akili nikawa mwanamme mshenzi sana”

With revelers wanting more of Diamond’s remorsefulness, they cheered him on.

The Yatapita singer went on and shared with the fans how they’d had a conversation with Zuchu behind closed doors.

Zuchu had disclosed her displeasure with Diamond’s escapades making her a center of ridicule.

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Diamond further revealed seeking multiple forgiveness from Zuchu affirming never to break her heart again.

The pair went on to sing their runaway hit “Mtasubiri” among others. However, it turned out to an emotional set with a teary Zuchu deeply enchanted.

In yet another video after the show, the lovebirds were captured seductively holding hands while exploring Zanzibar’s exotic beaches.

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Zari Hassan’s Take

When Zuchu dropped the break up bombshell with Diamond, fingers were pointing at Diamond’s baby mama, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

Diamond himself had been captured holding hands with Zari amid her break up with husband, Shakib.

Now, Zari maintained that this is not the first time Zuchu is breaking up with Diamond.

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According to the flamboyant socialite, Zuchu breaks up with Diamond almost on a weekly basis.

She further affirmed having nothing with the now break up that never was.







February 25, 2024

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