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Diamond’s dad says he wishes to die after long illness

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By Annette Amondi

Diamon Platnumz’s dad Mzee Abdul now says he is wishing death because his condition is getting worse by the day.

The issue surrounding Mzee Abdul’s ailment has been filled with so much controversy, with Diamond choosing to remain silent and his sisters deferring on his condition.

Speaking in an interview with Jumaa Wikienda, Mzee Abdul said it has become so bad that he wishes to die at times.

“It gets to a point when I just wish I was dead.” He said

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Diamond´s dad, Mzee Abdhul has been ailing for quite a while now, having been diagnosed with skin cancer.

He added that this condition has given him a rough time, majorly affecting his legs and even rendering him immobile.

“This is because my ailment gets worse by the day.” Mzee Abdhul adds.

He went on to thank Diamond’s half sister Zubeda for the little she has done to help him get well.

Zubeda is believed to be preparing travel documents to have her father flown to the UK for treatment.

“I thank my London-based daughter, Zubeda, she helped me a lot before she flew back” he added