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Diamond’s new catch unveiled…Akothee’s toughest week yet. Here are this week’s entertainment headliners

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By Annette Amondi

This week netizens finally got a glimpse of Diamond Platnumz’s rumored new bae (Thanks to yours truly *Wink*) and singer Akothee went through an emotional turmoil thanks to her baby sister Cebbie the home blah blah blah….Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. Diamond’s new bae

Just the other day word broke that East Africa’s finest Diamond Platnumz may be dating again.

During a recent interactive social gathering, Diamond said he is ready to settle down yet again and looks forward to tying the knot with the mysterious woman.

If history is anything to go by, Diamond’s mum Sandra Dangote just unveiled her soon to be daughter in law.

She has always unveiled her son’s new lovers on her Instagram platform.

On Tueday, Sandra shared beautiful photo of a Tanzanian model rumored to be dating the Bongo crooner.

The lady who also attended Zuchu’s recent gig in Tanzania is a former miss Universe Tanzania.

Mama Dangote went on Instagram to praise the well-dressed model identified as Jihan  Dimack who showed up to the Wasafi party clad in a flowing, sparkly black gown.

Jihan immediately commented on Mama Dangote’s photo thanking her.

Netizens are now convinced that Ms. Dimack may be the one warming the bongo sensations sheets.

Jihan Dimack is a top model in Tanzania believed to be fierce when it comes to her hustle.

She is a Lebanese-Tanzanian who grew up in a mixed culture and is the embodiment of diversity and beauty.

She currently works as an Administration Officer, and when she isn’t doing that she is continuing her modeling career.

Ms. Dimack was born on 17th June 1995 making her 25 this year.

The two are yet to confirm if they are indeed dating.

  1. Cebbie undressed

On Tuesdays singer Esther Akoth’s sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo popularly known as Cebbie was the talk of town.

The lass was exposed by blogger and tea master Edgar Obare for being a serial cheat who lives lavishly by depending on men.

In a series of posts shared on Edgar Obare’s instagram stories, an unidentified lady accused Cebbie of breaking her marriage then proceeding to insult her.

The anonymous lady who was accusing Cebbie even went ahead to claim that Akothee’s sister had admitted to using charms on men for years!

According to the leaked screenshots, Cebbie has also been dating ohangla maestro Musa Jakadala whom she left for a different guy.

The expose took a different turn when Cebbie was accused of trash talking her celebrity sister Akothee.

In the said text messages, Cebbie accuses Akothee of living a fake life adding that she pretends to help people only for the gram.

The expose comes days after city doctor Juspus Rusana proposed to Cebbie who said yes.

  1. Akothee responds to baby sister’s trash talk screenshots

Controversial singer Esther Akoth responded after her sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo aka Cebbie was exposed for trash talking her sister.

On Tuesday Cebbie was trending after an unidentified lady claimed that Cebbie broke her marriage after having an affair with her husband for the past four years.

In the same leaked conversations Cebbie went on to say that her sister lives a fake lifestyle.

The lass was speaking to one of her many alleged baes telling him how her sister has nothing but brags of owning the world on social media.

“She has nothing at all even to pay her kids fee. She picked two boys in 2017 and employed them at Akothee Safaris, they have never even gone to a computer or driving school. She has nothing.” Read one of the texts

In another text, Cebbie alleges that when Akothee was admitted at Karen hospital she could not pay her bill adding that Akothee will soon be smoked out for living a fake lifestyle.

“Even that Karen hospital where she is currently admitted, she will be smoked out.” Read another text

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Akothee went through an emotional roller coaster after the convos leaked. She came out to narrate how she stopped matering to her family because she wouldn’t let them ride on her success.

In a long post Akothee says the only people she helps who appreciate her help are her parents and grandparents.

“I am still a mother and I will always be that mother , my heart betrays me all the time, from one corner to the other ,
I have alot going on in my life , constantly , I AM left with family bills to clear, be it my mom ,dad ,grandparents. It’s always about “BENDE USEGOCHONE AKOTH” whatever it takes it’s all ME, One time a friend OF mine told me “Esther ,all this money you spend on your family ,please keep it for your children ,they will need it later  that was Aunty Judi @judithleichum, But I don’t listen
When people wanted to own my life ,and jump onto my success,using Akothee foundation that is hardly a year old , with no sponsors or donors as a way of hurting me! I had to put it on hold and concentrate on my life and my children! It hurts when you do things innocently and people feel entitled , The only way to protect yourself from users is to say ” sorry I don’t have ” I HAVE DONE MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR MY FAMILY ! I KNOW SOME OF THEM FEEL BAD WHEN THEY SEE ME SUPPORT PEOPLE I DONT KNOW , BUT THE TRUTH IS ,I GET FULFILLED WHEN I HELP THOSE THAT ARE IN NEED AND EXPECT NOTHING.
Since I stopped dishing out money and attending to family problems apart from my parents & grandparents, I am hardly loved. My family have no idea of my wealth nor my whereabouts, even if I die today , they have no idea of whom is handling my will / Bill’s. They are guests in my life. I respect and love my family very much and the only way to keep the relationship is to love them from a far since I have no option but to love them.” She said in part

  1. Kenyan artiste sends cry for help

Former Kenyan singer Stephen Kevin Waweru of the band Sema that included Sanaipei Tande and Pam Waithaka recently sent out a cry for help.

Kev as he was known back in the day was part of Kenya’s coca cola popstars that dominated airwaves with hits like Leta Wimbo, Sakalakata and Mwewe.

In a short clip that went viral, Kevin who has been living with his parents owing to the tough times says he urgently needs help.

According to Kev, his father has been repulsive towards him and has been trying to evict him from home.

He narrates how on one incident, his father ran after him with a machete telling him to leave home.

“I am under attack by my dad. He wants to kick me out again. This has been recurring. He has some attitude towards me. The other day he took a machete and chased me away..I had to run for my dear life. That was sometime in 2019. We’ve had it rough. My dad wants me out because he thinks I come home drunk. I take short walk just to think and meditate because things were starting to look up until Covid happened. My Dad is literally pushing me to the edge. He just wants me out.” He said

The five minute video is the first Kenyans have seen of Kevin since he disappeared from the limelight over ten years ago.

  1. The Azziad Rate Card

On Wednesday, new kid on the block Azziad Nasenya found herself trending once again after her rate card surfaced online.

In the said rate card, ms. Nasenya charges Kesh.100K for TikTok video, while for a Live session she charges Sh50K. For an Instagram post she charges Sh100K, Insta-story Sh50K and Live goes for Sh50K. This rates also apply to her other social media Pages; Twitter (Sh50K) Facebook (Sh50 & Sh100K) and YouTube.

If you are looking forward to working with the actress for a monthly brand engagement, then you need Sh500K before Azziad comes on board to help you promote your Brand.

KOT were however rubbed the wrong way with her charges and came out to attack her for what they termed as overpricing.

Another section came out to defend her saying that she has the free will to charge any amount of money because she knows her brand value.

  1. Papa Shirandula Cancelled

Papa Shirandula actor Ken Gichoya popularly known as Njoro revealed that the popular Tv show was cancelled a few months back.

Njoro says that a few months back the team that included actors and producers was asked to stop recording the show when covid hit and they all chose to go their separate ways.

Many assumed that they will be making a comeback when the pandemic is dealt with but unfortunately they were told only re-runs will be going on air.

While remembering the late Papa,  Njoro said he was at first heartbroken when the plug was pulled on the show he worked on for years.

He had to swallow the bitter pill of finally bidding farewell to his castmates who had turned into family over the years.

“The show was cancelled four months ago after Kenya started recording coronavirus cases. The management just told us the show was over and we were not going to record any more episodes. They said they planned to air reruns,” he said

  1. Ruth Matete’s Hubby laid to rest after three months

Gospel singer Ruth Matete’s late husband pastor Beloved John Olakami Apewajoye has finally been laid to rest.

The man of God who died on 11th April was finally interred at the Lang’ata cemetery on Thursday at around noon.

The burial ceremony was attended by Ruth Matete’s close family members and friends among them her father and gospel star Pitson.

While eulogizing her husband, Matete said that their four year relationship made their life one terming him as a perfect husband for her.

“Being together four years, my life and yours had become almost one, there was no way you’d mention Ruth Matete without adding Beloved John but such is life. Meeting you was divine we had our ups and downs but we made through.when I was believing God for a husband, I prayed that he would send me someone who loved God and wanted to serve God genuinely and I got the exact package. I love how you praised God above everything.” she said

Matete also revealed that they had settled on a name for their baby before the unfortunate accident happened.

“Sometimes I feel like you knew your time was coming, just by the way you had put things in order like naming the baby. We agreed to name the baby Joshua Tolua Apewajoye if it is a boy and Joanna Tolua Apewajoye if it is a girl. It is a boy so he is Joshua. I will tell Tolua of how kind you were and how you were willing to serve the lord. Continue being with the lord my darling husband.” she added

The fallen pastor’s family who reside in Nigeria were unable to attend the burial ceremony because of the travel restrictions effected to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The body of the late pastor has been lying at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) Mortuary since April 11. He succumbed to multiple organ failure following a gas explosion accident at their home in Athi River on 30th March 2020.