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Diamond’s paternity in question as mother drops bombshell

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By Steve Osaka

Diamond Platinumz,Mama Dangote has dropped a heart wrenching bombshell on Diamond’s father Mzee Abdul Nasib stating that he was not the real father to the Wasafi Boss.

This comes after Mzee Abdul’s photo with a sack went viral on the internet.

The whole conversation about Diamond’s paternity brewed up during Mashamsham-a program on Wasafi T.V with Ricardo Momo stating that the Wasafi Boss was his blood brother.

A call was then placed to Mama Dangote who affirmed that Ricardo Momo and Diamond Platinumz share a father the Late Salim Idd Nyange.

“I got entangled with Mzee Abdul while carrying Diamond’s pregnancy and he knew he that it wasn’t his that’s why he never supported us from the onset” Said Mama Dangote.

The news caught Mzee Abdul flat-footed,he wondered why Mama Dangote had kept this to herself all along.

He refuted the claims as baseless confirming that it’s him who named Diamond – Abdul Nassib at birth,a name he shares with his father.

“I wouldn’t be asking for favours from Diamond if I knew he wasn’t my son, it’s okay now that they have let me know the truth though it’s disturbing, he ought to drop the name Abdul Nassib, Queen Darlene is also my daughter and I don’t know if she has also disowned me”he quipped.

Mzee Abdul who has a striking resemblance with Diamond together with his swagger has become the darling of netizens who are consoling him.

They view Mama Dangote as an evil woman,claiming the whole idea was orchestrated to lock out Mzee Abdul from seeking favours from his son.

They’ve called on Harmonize – Konde Gang Boss to come to the aid of Mzee Abdul as he had earlier highlighted his predicament through the song-Wapo.


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