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‘Diana hukuambia Ukweli bro?’ Willy Paul asks Bahati as he steps out in Pink hair

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Controversial singer Willy Paul has poked fun at fellow singer Bahati after he stepped out in colored hair.

Bahati had shared a photo of his new hairstyle online asking fans their opinion.

‘Bahati new hairstyle Yes or No” he asked

Willy Paul quickly jumped in on the conversation expressing his disappointment in the pink hair.

Willy Paul even went on to ask Bahati if his wife Diana Marua tells him the truth about certain things.

“Sasa wewe, Diana hakukuambia ukweli bro?? I’m so disappointed ☹️ ume over do. Unaka pink panther ? … pink panther wa masaku hahahaha @bahatikenya,” asked Willy Paul

Vlogger Kabi wa Jesus also expressed disappointment in Bahati’s new hairstyle saying that he will personally shave the singer.

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“??? bro nakutafuta nikunyoe mwenyewe ?? @diana_marua how could you let this happen?” he said

EMB former signee Weezdom also joined fans to ask Bahati to cut off the colored hair.

“You’re A Bright Guy With A Bright Future And Finally A Bright Hair… Nini Ingine Imebaki???”. Wrote Weezdom


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@WeezTheJokestar: Amekaa tu corona virus

Jaygafla: NO with capital letters you look like a clown bro umechoma

mesh_wallen: Leave alone the hair..I first noticed the ear ring..sisemi ni mbaya lakini hatujakuzoea hivyo kama kina masterpiece

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