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Diana Marua Defends Her Expensive Car Gift To Bahati

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By Steve Osaka

Diana Marua wife to Singer Kevin Bahati has had to come out to clear the air for the car gift she bequeathed her husband during Valentines day.

Diana who gifted her husband a Mercedes Benz new model received criticism with social media trolls saying that she cannot afford such an expensive ride.

Some even accused her of clout chasing after making the revelation.

Diana has however defended herself saying that she is a bigger brand with a huge following and earns an honest living by endorsing other products through ambassadorial duties.

Some of the Brands Diana has been promoting on her pages are Ken Vinegar and Ken Baking powder which are from Centrofoods Brand.

“I do so many things,my YouTube channel is one of the biggest channels that is watched worldwide you know so i make my own money and am proud unajua i have gone out of my way and kama nilisave you know what, my king deserves also the best,” said Diana.

She has called on women to stand out and do extraordinary things.

Diana spoke through a phone conversation that was placed during a live interview by Weezdom.

“I would really like to challenge women,you can do anything and everything if you put your mind to it,don’t let the society put you in a box kwamba hauwezi ukaafford,hauwezi ukafanya nini and am happy i proved to the world that you know what,I can also get out there,hustle and do something for the man that i love and i think that basically it and wacha tusubiri tuone the next one might even be bigger so muendelee kuniombea and just know that women we got this” she said.

“Wakenya wamekuwa wakiongea wengi sana,wanasema hiyo gari saa hii isharudishwa kwa yard,hizi ni vipindiree masinemaree na wasee wengi wamekuwa wakifeel Diana hawezi afford hiyo gari,hawezi fika bei ya hiyo gari,”Said Weezdom, an artist who also doubles up as Bahati’s manager.


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