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Diana Marua Says Willy Paul Is Jelous Of Her Music Career

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Rapper Diana Marua has responded to musician Willy Paul mocking her because she joined the music industry.

The rapper said that Willy Paul is jealous because she is getting more views on YouTube yet she is new in the industry.

 “How his last song did, I released a song three days ago right niko 1 million views. As in this guy has been in the industry for so long, I have just joined music just three days and numbers don’t like and you are coming to me saying what,” said Diana.

She also claimed that Willy Paul hates her family because their songs are trending compared to his own.

“I just feel like he is hating because I am ahead of him and I have just been here for three days and he has been here for years. Please just give me a break,” Diana added.


Willy Paul had laughed at the news of Diana joining the music Industry claiming that the Bahati’s are always off key while singing.

“Tired of listening to bad music from that family? The family of manduru na ma off-keys?? I know most of you are still traumatized coz of that ka incident. Once again I’m sorry you had to go through all that…my album will heal you,” said Willy Paul.

Rapper Femi One also welcomed Diana to the rap field and advised her to work hard but warned netizens not to compare her with Diana.

“I mean it is showbiz and it is entertainment… she entertained me. So she is just okay. She is fine. Really… she is just okay. I am not a gatekeeper, so whoever feels they want to rap should throw themselves in the rap field with us and work hard. I would just like to request people not to compare me with Diana because I have been in the game longer,” she said.



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