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  • Diana Marua chose to scold her mathematics teacher on World Teachers Day.
  • She flaunted her possessions which included her car and her house with Bahati.
  • The world celebrates World Teachers Day on October 5th.

Diana Marua chose to scold her mathematics teacher as the world celebrated World Teachers Day.

According to the popular content creator, rapper and businesswoman, her mathematics teacher deserved nothing but scolding.

The unapologetic Diana sought to flaunt her earthly possessions while hitting at the mathematics tutor.

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From her car, the house that she shares with Bahati, her food reserved in the mega refridgerator to her employees.

From the video posted on her Instagram, it was evident that she had a poor relationship with her mathematics teacher.

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It seems that Diana struggled with mathematics with her teacher affirming that she would amount to a ‘nobody’ in future.

“Mwalimu wa maths nataka uniskize na ikufikie kabisa you see this car, this is one of the car’s that I own …Mwalimu wa maths you told me I wont go far, huku ni wapi” ranted Diana.

Diana sought to remind her mathematics teachers that students are gifted differently and it’s unwise to look down upon the ‘dunderheads’.

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Fans Reactions

Diana’s rant drew mixed reactions and we sampled a few.

“Wooi mwalimu wa maths aki hadi unafanya Aunty Madoo afanye house tour in 60 seconds”

“Huyu mwalimu kimemramba”

“Leo ni world teachers day aki si uwahurumie”

“Sasa unatupea pressure ama mwalimu wa maths”

World Teachers Day

The world celebrates teachers day on October 5th every year.

It was set by UNESCO in 1994, celebrating the milestones made by teachers since October 5th 1966.

This years theme was “The teachers we need for the education we want:The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage”.

Was Diana right in her actions?


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