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Did Akothee Just confirm her daughter and MCA Tricky are dating?

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Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby has been making headlines with allegations that she is dating comedian MCA Tricky.

The two have been dominating chitchat headlines after being spotted hanging out on different occasions.

So are the two an item? Rue’s mother Akothee recently shared a video questioning her daughter about her relationship with the comedian.

“How is your boyfriend MCA Tricky? Why are you catching feelings, or you are surprised that I know?”  Akothee asks

Akothee then asks her daughter Vesha if the two are an item to which she responds with “They’ve been going out”

Akothee then fired shots at the comedian saying that she will shave his hair arguing that he can’t be trusted.

“Rue Baby if you think of dating a man let him shave his hair, please. MCA Tricky, you will not ask for double saloon money, men with this kind of hair are trouble.” She added

So are Rue and Tricky an item?


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