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Did Benpol Get Married In Secrecy? (PHOTOS0


A few months back Tanzanian comedian Ebitoke released a video supposedly crying for singer Benpol to marry her.

The video then revealed to their fans that the two were actually close aquintances of each other but it was not clear whether or not they were an item.

Fast forward to weeks later and the two seem to be an item constantly flooding their social media with each other’s photos.

Recently the Tanzanian Bongo star posted photos with the comedian in his arms dressed in traditional attire. The photo has aroused speculation that the two tied the knot in secret during the Eid celebrations.

The comedian has even gone a step forward to changer her social media accounts from Ebitoke to Ebipol. Yesterday the lass posted a photo with a wedding ring and captioned it “sijui kama nitalala siku hiyo manake wanaosema kiki watasema kuku”. It is not clear yet whether the two really did tie the knot in secret.