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Did Betty Bayo Bleach Her Body? (Pics)


betsThere is a “Zilizopendwa” jam which bears a line that says, “…Pesa ni sabuni ya Roho tin tin tin…yanapunguza mawazo…oh oh..”. Trust me the songwriter knew what he was talking about,a truth that cant be disputed. Look around you,who was who few years aback,who is who now.

Forget about her marriage to the infamous Pastor Kanyari,the money,the fame and anything related to that mediocrity and focus on her recent USA tour and the drastic change of look and body that accompanied her comeback.

The big question is, “Did Betty Bayo Undergo Cosmetic surgeries like Vera Sidika??”

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Did she lighten her skin,or had a Brazilian bust and butt boost? Why did she change all of a sudden?? Ooh the weather abroad?? Ati Kanyari might have been stressing her??

Well Betty, denies undergoing any body alterations and credits God’s grace and favour.

Compare the photos below and let us know what you think;