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Did Hamisa Mobetto ‘Fake buy’ a brand new Land Rover Discovery?

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Socialite Hamisa Mobetto recently celebrated her 25th birthday by gifting herself a brand new Land Rover Discovery.

However after posting the photos of her new gift online, Hamisa’s new car caught the attention of controversial blogger Juma Lokole who called her out for lying.

According To Lokole, he knows the real owner of the car and has even had a chance to drive the said car around.

He also poked fun at Hamisa saying that if she indeed bought the car, then it is still in Japan because the one she’s posing with is not hers.

“Kwani watu wa kijiji cha Instagram mna nini lakini 😂😂😂😂 gari lake kadi bado ipo japan” he said

The blogger even went ahead to share a photo of him posing with the same car Hamisa claims to have bought.

The socialite however maintains that she bought the car and arguing that Lokole is out to tarnish her name.

The socialite had unveiled the said car during her birthday celebration at a Hotel in Dar Es Salaam.

So did she buy the car or it’s another publicity stunt?

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