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Did Huddah Betray Zari By Sleeping With Diamond Platnumz? (Pics)


diamond huddahSeems like petite socialite Huddah Monroe is beefing with everyone and has forgotten sticking to her “Minding My Business” tag line rule.

Just the other day, Huddah and Vera got into an online brawl regarding their awareness and anti-stigmatization of  HIV/AIDS agendas that clashed and were launched almost at the same time. Huddah, who has made snap chat her armoury house took it to her nemesis asking her to take a public HIV/AIDS test to prove she wasn’t a victim, before being forced to apologize to Vera for the humiliation.

Barely a week after that, Huddah camped on Zari’s head  attacking her badly simply because Mama Tiffa chose to invite Vera Sidika and not herself to Tiffah’s first birthday party.

It is rumored that the two self proclaimed boss ladies (Huddah and Zari) do not see each other eye to eye for reasons best known to them.

However , Huddah might have dropped a hint why Zari hates her.

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Apparently, Huddah might have gone beneath the bedsheets with Zari’s-husband-to-be and boyfriend Diamond Platnumz during their friendship period as she (Huddah) suggests in her recent snap chat posts.

In the posts, Huddah calls Diamond public property whom she ordered like Pizza. She further reminds Zari that Diamond ain’t HER husband but their’s when she uses the phrase “OURS”.

Huddah had laid low over the past three months to focus on her Brand Ambassadorial projects but announced her comeback in event hosting as from this month, August 2016.

You understand that good or bad publicity is still good for business, do not take Huddah seriously, all this drama might not be true, just stunts to make you talk about her. Talk of ratings my friend.

Meanwhile, check out the photos below;